BASQUE ATABAL 30,5 Ø x 23 cm.  (12" Ø x 9") View larger

BASQUE ATABAL 30,5 Ø x 23 cm. (12" Ø x 9")


Honsuy brand ‘Basque atabal’ of 30,5cm. (12 ") in diameter x 23cm in height (9"). Shell in walnut finish plywood and hoops in black finish plywood. It is mounted with natural skin heads. Rope tensión with 8 skin tensioners. Traditional instrument of Basque Country (Spain)


More details

BASQUE ATABAL 30,5 Ø x 23 cm. (12 "Ø x9"):

- Shell 30.5 (12 ") x 17 cm. (6.5”).

- Rope tension 5 mm hemp rope.

- 8 skin tensioners.

- Natural skinheads.

- 4 snare strings.

The ‘Basque atabal’ is a percussion musical instrument belonging to the family of drums. Very used to interpret traditional Basque music. 
It consists of a body of wood covered on both sides by two skinheads, the upper or batter thicker than the lower (it is crossed by snare strings). It is alternately struck with two identical drumsticks.