25x25cm. (10"X10") "VALENCIA" SIDE DRUM, wenges) View larger

25x25cm. (10"X10") "VALENCIA" SIDE DRUM, wenges)


Honsuy brand Valencian Tabalet of 25cm. (10") in diameter x 25cm in height (10"). Shell and hoops in wenge finish plywood. It is mounted with Honsuy plastic drumheads. Rope tension. Traditional instrument of Valencia (Spain)

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VALENCIAN TABALET 25 Ø x 25 cm. (10 "Ø x10"), wengue

- Shell 25 (10") x 19 cm.

- Rope tension. 4 mm hemp rope

- Honsuy plastic drumheads

- 12 snappy snares

The Valencian tabalet is a percussion musical instrument belonging to the family of drums. Very used to interpret traditional Valencian music.
With the tabalet, a multitude of different rhythms are played that are usually accompanied by an inseparable dolçaina (wind instrument)