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Honsuy brand ‘Gallego side drum’ of 30,5cm. (12") in diameter x 25cm in height (10"). Natural finish plywood shell and hoops. It is mounted with natural skin heads. Rope tension. Traditional instrument of Galicia (Spain)



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GALLEGO SIDE DRUM 30,5 Ø x 25 cm. (12"Ø x10"), NATURAL

- Shell 30,5 (12") x 19 cm.

- Rope tension. 4 mm hemp rope.

- Natural skinheads.

- 4 snare strings.

The ‘Gallego side drum’ is a percussion instrument, belonging to the membrane instruments. Its sound arises as a result of the vibration of one of its membranes, called drumheads. These drumheads are usually made of skin, but they can also be made of plastic.

Its diameter ranges between 25 and 30cm.

The tamboril usually has some snare strings, some tense strings whose purpose is to amplify the sound. Very used to interpret traditional Galician music. With the tamboril a multitude of different rhythms are performed, which are usually accompanied in an inseparable way by the bagpipes.

At a historical level, it is in the 18th century that we find the first representation of the tamboril together with the Galician bagpipe in Galicia. Specifically in the Cathedral of Tui in 1715.